6 DIY Multifunctional Furniture Ideas

6 DIY Multifunctional Furniture Ideas

Sometimes, it is more feasible to use what you already have and transform it to a whole new use than just simply buy things that you think you need at home.  Do-It-Yourself makeovers are ideally rampant for some homeowners because aside from creating new pieces that look fresh and updated, it also helps you save money.

Here are 6 different furniture that you can transform in no time.


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Others would think that chairs are just what it appears to be but little do they know that you can either use it as a side table or even as a drying rack for your laundry. Depends on the size of the chair, you can still opt for different options.

2. Ironing Board

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Aside from using it to iron your clothes, you can attach a mirror on the other side of it.  After spending time ironing your clothes, you can just simply flip on the other side so you can see how it fits you.

3. Bench

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You might be seeing your bench as an outdoor display, but you can use it as a table inside your house. Either in your living room or the kitchen. Just put some ornaments to finish its looks or simply apply some paint on it to compliment other interiors at home.

4. Dresser

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If you no longer need your dresser inside your room, then you can display it for everyone to see as a bookshelf. You just have to remove those drawers, apply some paint on it, put higher legs perhaps so it would be elevated from the floor and put in some books.

5. Bookshelf

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So what if you don’t like your bookshelf anymore? Then you can transform it to a Wine Rack. It will create a sophisticated look in your living or dining area. Since it already has different components on it, it will be easier for you to add little dividers to segregate different wines.

6. Dinning Table

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Are you planning to add some room at home? You can transform your dining table as a Bedstead for a beautiful bed. It is perfect to provide a strong foundation for your mattress.

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