6 Ways to Free your Home from Mosquito

6 Ways to Free your Home from Mosquito

Nobody wants a mosquito bite. I personally hate them because they carry diseases with them that could be fatal for both young and old. The sting of the bite is very much irritating, I assume you feel the same way as well. During summer season, an increase in demand of mosquito repellents is high but these products may also have harmful chemicals as ingredients. To protect your family from having health complications, here are some ways to help your home become a mosquito-free environment with things you can find in your own home.

1. Light vs Dark Colors.


“Most mosquitos are more attracted to dark colors. Why is that? Because mosquitos sense heat. According to some conducted researches, dark colors absorb more heat than light colors, which draws the mosquistos attention. Light colors gives off a refreshing sensation for the interior fitting of the room. It is more advisable for living rooms to have light paint colors, to make a warm welcome for guests.”

2. Essencial Oils


“Freshen up your home with this soothing scents of essential oils. Essential oils are made from plants and flowers. You can place them in any parts of the house especially in the living room where you receive your guests. The most famous essential oil that can be used for repelling mosquitos are rosemary and lavender. They not only freshen your room and ward off mosquitos, they add calming effect when you inhale the scent and become a part of the ornaments as well.”



CAUTION: Though it is really effective in repelling mosquitos, it could also chase away your companion!

Based on a study on Garlic Health Benefits, Garlic contains almost all nutrients that are body needs. As the garlic is processed in our digestive tracts, it is then distributed throughout our body. Garlic oil is gently released by our body through the pores, which acts as a barrier between the skin and mosquitos that protects us from being bitten.”

4. Plant


“Plants are not only useful for providing clean air, they could also repel mosquitos. Some of the well-know plants that can repel mosquitos include: Lavender, Rosemary, Catnip, Citronella and Lemon Balm. Lemon Balm, for example, is a very hardy plant, it resists drought, and it grows well even in shade. It is a very fast growing and sometimes aggressive plant, so you might want to contain it to a pot, where you can move it to wherever you like. Your home will be mosquito-free and at the same time embellishing.”

5. Clean and Organize


“A clean room means “NO ROOM” for mosquitos to hide. Keep your things organize, and make time for cleaning your space too. In that way, mosquitos wont have any chances of hanging out in your home. What invites mosquitos is the carbon dioxide gathered by the dusts and the dark tone on the area. Prevent harm on your health with a simple act of cleaning and organizing your things.”

6. Avoid Stagnant Water.


“Mosquitos would breed in stagnant water found in any part of your home. To avoid water stagnation, make sure to check every corner of your home with possible leaks. Make sure to empty all containers like vases and pots, or dispose If there is too much to clean, renovating your home might be a better thing to do. Check here for more renovation details.”

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