How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Every day, more and more people choose to have an apartment or condo for themselves. Some may say it’s affordable and some would say it’s more convenient especially if they are living alone. However, there are pros and cons on this type of lifestyle, one of which is the limited space provided for the occupant. The more things, furniture, and patterns you have in your room, the more cluttered it will feel. Here are some tips on how you could create an illusion of more space to reflect openness and movement for the whole area:


Every household owns a sofa, drawers or even bookshelves. No matter how small or big your house is, you always get these pieces of furniture. Most of them are big and occupy more space than any other ornaments at home. In order to create an illusion of more space, it is ideal to raise them up by putting some wooden or steel legs that will make a sense of dynamism and appears to float in space – giving open and airy feels to the whole room.


The best way to use your mirrors at home is to create a trick of larger space by reflecting light, a view back into the room and an illusion of extra window or door. Decorators would often use over-sized mirrors and place it near a window for an easy access of natural light giving the room a sense of openness. A mirror causes the eye to travel around the room making it feel larger.


Curtains with dark colors, heavy materials and fabrics would block the natural light from the outside and absorb weight, making the room look tight and small. Minimizing the use of curtains would allow the eye to take the view from the outside and make the space simple. If you can’t avoid using curtains, consider cloth blinds, shutters or curtains that are made of lightweight material like linen. Also, use a bar that extends beyond the window frame so you could expose the whole window once you open them.

Paint Colors

When dealing with small rooms, light colors are perfect for walls and ceiling – simplifies space and emphasizes the architecture. It makes the room airy and calm too. Pastel colors or even white could blur the boundaries between walls and ceilings, causing your eyes to look straight up and make the ceiling seem higher. If you want to express your creativity, you can use bold colors in one part of the room. Just make sure it complements the other interiors you have at home.


Vertical stripes elongate the space within the room, creating an illusion of movement and flow. For instance, putting a striped rug will make the room appear longer. Even for flooring, putting the hardwood in a vertical position will maximize the floor space and will cause an optical effect of wider space.

Multi-purpose Items

These versatile items can be bought or made. There are a lot of DIY furniture makeovers that could transform one piece to another with multiple functions. This will save space in your room, and since they are multi-purpose, you can make use of them however you want to, depends on your needs. It also saves money since you don’t need to buy a separate item for a different usage.

The Key Differences between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator

The Key Differences between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator

Most people would interchange the use of Interior Designer and Interior Decorator or have a misconception when it comes to defining both terms. Generally, there are similarities between the two. However, each has its unique description when it comes to their job descriptions and skills. To help you decide which one you really need for your interior projects, here are some brief comparisons of the two:

Interior Designer

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Interior design is the art and science of conceptualizing someone’s behavior to create functional, attractive and well- suited space for the occupant. In order to achieve it, one has to study and get a professional license. Designers are expected to respond and coordinate with the building structure, social context of the project and the codes and restrictions of the local council. Following a systematic methodology, they often work with architects to get analysis and integrated knowledge thus providing creative process. And though it would be the owner’s responsibility to associate any purchases and services, designers can take care of it – purchase furnishings, schedule any deliveries and facilitate installations. If you are looking for someone that would take the overall interior concept for your place, you can contact an interior designer, and they would be glad to coordinate and work with you, contractors, architects, and even with your decorators.

Interior Decorator

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Interior decoration is to furnish and embellish spaces aesthetically with different furniture, textiles, and colors that match the style and personality of the client. To be an interior decorator, you don’t need to have a professional license to accept projects. With that been said, interior decorators do not design. They will only be focusing on decorating the interior space that already exists. They don’t need to make any development or constructions – break walls or structural changes. The focus of a decorator is to arrange ornaments like pillows, carpets, curtains, lamps and more to create an ambiance that is suitable for the occupant.

The Prime Difference between Residential and Commercial Renovations

The Prime Difference between Residential and Commercial Renovations

Renovations can be more challenging and time-consuming than new construction because you don’t know what exist until you begin to take the house piece by piece. Once apart, you can see a lot of challenging and unforeseen circumstances. Usually, projects may take longer than you think and cost more than what you have expected. Remember, you get what you pay for. There will be a lot of decision makings and factors that need to be considered before renovating your property like the designs, sub contractions, permits, unforeseen conditions, weather, availability of the materials and their quality.

The renovation process between a residential and commercial construction is dramatically different from each other. The workload involved varies on the type of area you want to have the renovation done and how complex it would be. So here are some major differences between the two:


Commercial Renovation deals with more sophisticated makeover which may require demolition and rebuilding procedures, a significant number of staffs for any reconstruction works and a higher budget to meet client’s expectations. From metal framing, the density of the concrete to exact cable wiring, these factors needed to be finalized by your contractor.  While doing the renovation, expensive and heavy equipment are going to be used, a major factor why costs will become higher.


Most of the time, residential renovation means doing a home makeover or remodeling – might be extreme or just changing a small part of your house and add more style to it. Renovating one or two units may be considered as a residential renovation which doesn’t require bigger equipment. Your budget for the project will also depend on results you are expecting. For instance, you want to replace the furniture and upgrade your appliances, or you wish to add a fireplace in your living room and change your flooring details.

Renovate Your Room: Bedroom Ideas to Shape Up Your 2017

Renovate Your Room: Bedroom Ideas to Shape Up Your 2017

The bedroom might be the best place in your house to relax and have some personal time. For 2017, there will be trends to make your bedroom look elegant, creative and exciting. Also, colors, furniture, textiles, and sophisticated ambient lighting will be considered to be part of the interior decor. If you are still trying to make up your mind how you want your bedroom to look like this year, here are some ideas to help you out.


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2017 is about giving in to nature. There will be a lot of options to choose from, but the most popular to use is Hardwood. It may be Oak, Padauk, Teak, Walnut or Maple. You can also choose the wood coloring either dark stained, blonde or gray wood floors. Deciding how to put it together is the most interesting part. Considering the floor layout – patterns and angles, you can play with it and show the artistic side of yours.


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The colors in one’s interior can determine the room’s mood in an instance. Dusky Blues, Hot Red and any shade of green create a contemporary space for your room. To add comfy and relaxing feeling, experts would suggest any color that could represent any environmental elements. These colors promote peace and focus on giving warmth and comfort to anyone inside the room.


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For this year, bed headboards are here to stay. It displays classic and elegant look to your focal point – your bed. If you have an old bed that you don’t want to give up, you don’t need to worry. You just have to create a separate headboard, design it with your own choice. Just remember to reconsider the size of your room and manage to estimate the size of the headboard so it won’t divert much attention. Having a sofa bed is also an option and is predicted to go on trend. It saves space and can be used in different ways.


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Don’t be afraid to explore and be bold when it comes to decorating your room for this year. Putting patterned wallpaper, showing geometric designs, vintage furniture and paintings are popular this year. These decors add more sophisticated look that goes along with the mood you want to set up for your room.


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Hanging up a small chandelier puts an elegant silhouette, gives a surprising attention and enhance your bedroom interiors. Another option is to bring in the natural light and make it a highlight to emphasize the natural look of your room.

Bringing in Luck and Prosperity – Home Tips for the Chinese New Year

Bringing in Luck and Prosperity – Home Tips for the Chinese New Year

Preparing your home for the upcoming Chinese New Year might be a daunting task to do, either following the traditional or new customs. Nevertheless, we can’t deny that it runs through the Chinese tradition to celebrate New Year by putting up aesthetic red decorations to bring prosperity and good luck. 2017 is the year of the Roaster based on the Chinese 12-year animal zodiac cycle, and it will be celebrated on the 28th of January. Just in time, we lay down all the necessary things you need to do before Chinese New Year.


Spring-cleaning before the New Year is a must. Sweeping the dust means that you are saying goodbye to any bad luck or misfortune and you are making new spaces to welcome any good fortune coming in for the whole family. During the Chinese New Year, it is not allowed to clean or wipe off any dirt in your house in fear of any possibilities that you might be sweeping away any good luck. Also, any cleaning equipment should be set aside until the fifth day of celebration.


Door god images are usually posted on the front door to protect and prevent any bad spirits from entering the house. Decades ago, door gods were made of wood carved into a man figure hanged by the door, but as the years went by, people changed it into printed images. Any door gods would display strength, righteousness, bravery and powerful weaponry.


Door couplets express statements or good wishes for the whole year. You can write it personally, or you can just buy a Chinese calligraphy printed on red paper. Generally, these couplets are glued to the front door frame and sometimes, might remain until the next Chinese New Year.


Paper cutouts are red paper with attractive and exaggerated patterns based on the specific themed of the year and often used to put art on walls, doors, and windows – facing north or south. Papercuts symbolizes luck and happiness. For 2017, since it is the year of the rooster, any decorations associated to rooster is most likely to be seen.


Another way to greet the new year is to put paintings on the wall for additional art, constructing a happy and wealthy Spring Festival atmosphere. Traditionally, New Year paintings have images of oriental and mythological figures showing desires for a plentiful harvest and a blissful life ahead.


It is believed that Chinese lanterns will light the way for the new year and has red and gold on it which is considered as lucky colors indicating happiness and prosperity. People put it up in preparation for the Lantern Festival too which will happen on the 11th of February this year.