Things That Can Fill Your Room With Positivity

Things That Can Fill Your Room With Positivity

Our rooms are our sanctuary, our personal and private space. It is the one place in the house that is completely our own. Often times there are instances where we feel the need to retreat and regroup and our rooms are one of the places we are able to do that. This is our place of relaxation, recuperation, comfort and protection in times when we want to block out the rest of the world. It is an extension of who are and what we surround ourselves with shape our mood and influences our outlook on life. That is why it needs to be filled with things that bring us joy, motivation and inspiration as we recharge and go on with our day to day living. Here are 7 things that can help fill and attract positivity in your rooms.

Let the light in


Absence of light or conditions of insufficient light can cause feelings of depression and encourage less productivity. Proper lighting on the other hand can power a more positive energy into your room. Open up your curtains and allow as much natural light as possible. The use of light greatly affects our cognitive and emotional well-being. Allowing more light in can make sense of the space, increase coherence and literally as well as figuratively brighten up your life.

Remove all clutter

As they say, “A cluttered space is a cluttered mind.” An excess of meaningless things in your surrounding affects your brain in ways you may not even realize. It creates a negative impact on your ability to process information and concentration on things that matter most. Clear out that desk and closet of things you no longer need. Get rid of all the useless clutter.


Keep things neat and in order

There is no need to stress too much the importance of keeping things clean in your space. A tidy room where everything is where they should be will support a more organized life. It’s essential to have a place for all the things you need. A proper place for everything will decrease wasted time and effort looking for things you may need at any given time. This will ensure a more peaceful and positive living condition.


Fill it with soothing smells


scent is a powerful and wonderful way to bring positive energy into your room. A soothing aroma of incense, scented candles, and scented oils can create a calming atmosphere. You can fill your room with your favorite scents, be it chamomile or lavender to strawberries or pine.  Lie down or sit, relax and let the stress melt away.

Paint with natural or cheerful colors

Soothing natural colors is known to have a positive effect on your mind. It can bring a jovial energy and also promote restful and sound sleep. Color is known to greatly influence our emotions in ways that has been studied in psychology for many years. Take for example the color yellow which is known to lift the spirits, inspire optimism, confidence and a higher self-esteem. Paint your walls with colors that produce feelings of warmth and peace in you which will encourage more positivity in your life.


Put up a photo wall


A simple collection of experiences through photographs can have a positive effect on your mind. Our memories of happy occasions and vacations with family and friends displayed openly can inspire us to go out in the world create more. These memories and the precious people associated with them can be a motivational force in our lives that will fuel a more positive outlook.

Create a space for hopes, dreams, goals

A corkboard or an entire wall filled with people you admire and aspire to be like or things you wish to achieve can inspire a positive influence in your daily routine. Our goals in life drive us to work hard and move more meaningfully. Sometimes life can get difficult and it’s helpful and empowering to surround ourselves with things that push us to be always better, to continue working hard and to keep moving forward. It’s always good to keep your goals in line so as not to lose sight of the way to where we all wish to go.

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