5 Distinct Design Shapes in your Interior

5 Distinct Design Shapes in your Interior

Enlighten your home with this five common known figures of design. It creates not only meanings but what significance it can give to your home interiors.

“This is set to be the default shape design for designers and architectures. This is the generally known form that produces an impression of harmony and balance. This shape is easy and simple, also known for its stability and reliability. The square shape has been associated to earth since it has four corners that relates to the four points of the compass. Squares and rectangles appear in almost any and every design: room space, lot size, stairs, floor plan, furniture arrangements, decorations and etc. This shape has become the building block of other elements and it is the most safe option for designing.”

“Circles are most frequently used to represent things of the same shape that we know and create a feeling of wholeness. It neither has a beginning or an end that indicates a wheel. Circles are often associated as “The Wheel of Life”, and it is also thought of as having a feminine connection related to love, energy and power. Other than that, circles designs also expresses a never-ending and conformity of the surrounding.”

“Triangles can signify support, dominance, and efficiency when established in a sturdy foundation. But when it is reversed upside down (forming a cone), it creates a feeling of uneasiness, strife, and anxiety, which shows unsteadiness. Most of the usage of triangle indicates movement. When you look at a triangle, we usually start from the bottom going up. The shape is mostly associated to masculinity because of it’s distinguishable strength (suppoting a base). Designs use triangles for navigation or directional device (as can be seen on blueprints and design drafts indicating North and South). ”

“A spiral is a creative and free-flowing shape. The shape is comparable and is often seen in staircases, and even in nautilus or snail shells. It symbolizes growth, life, and complete change. It also has associations with cycles of life, time, or even season. A spiral have two directions, like a clock, the counter clockwise and the clockwise. Each indicates a different perception. clockwise spirals can imply intent while a counterclockwise spiral implies fulfillment.”

“Curves have the same aspect with spirals – it is free-flowing. This shape is related with action, amusement, and spirit of giving. Designing a house with curves would likely to take time, but it would give your house an unexpected hint to something and can also be for richer meanings. Curves are soft edges which would make a smooth design for your interior. Because of this, curve shapes take on many other features of the shape accompanying the combined sense of softness.”

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