How Modern Design differ from Contemporary Design

How Modern Design differ from Contemporary Design

Many are confused on how to differentiate Modern Design from Contemporary Design. Sometimes, “modern” is used to refer as “contemporary” or vice versa. So what’s the difference among the two and how they make a difference in one’s home?

Modern Interior Design

When it comes to Interior Designing, Modern Design will refer to a “Mid Century” design which can be identified based on the material used like wood, linen, leather and teak. Molded plywood and polished metal are popular for any modern interior design. On the other hand, neutral colors are dominant and normally applied to the whole room. Modern Interiors usually have barefoot floors with a typical wool used as rugs and furniture are raised off the floor to give a light feeling. Modern Design does not change, has a defined style and will remain such endlessly. Modern Design is referred to as Retro Design nowadays.

Contemporary Design

Contemporary Design is defined as having a scheme with the present moment following the trend and style which allows more freedom to get a grasp of ideas from different era and style. A vast of materials and shapes are used to create ecstatic designs, ornaments are often minimize and large expanses of glass. Contemporary spaces maybe incorporate with modern elements and pieces but are mixed with other non-modern elements. Traditional furnishing may take a contemporary look and feel when they are combined with lighter elements like a blonde wood mixed with a light gray color furniture.

Maybe part of the confusion is that modern design is in style and considered as contemporary, but the best way to understand the true difference between modern and contemporary design is to look at simple definitions of each word. Just keep in mind that modern design will never change while the contemporary design is persistently redefined.

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