Your Top 3 paint choice questions, answered!

Your Top 3 paint choice questions, answered!

If there was anything you could be more indecisive about it would be paint color and who can blame you, there are just so many choices and palettes out there.  Let us answer some of your questions on how to choose the right wall paint for your homes. These are 3 of the most asked questions about choosing paint for homes and we have quite lengthy answers for them so go grab some coffee and settle down.

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1. What type of paint should I use?

You have the options of oil based paint and latex. Oil is perfect for priming wood and trim since it seals stains and knots better than latex paint. This type takes longer to dry though, so schedule for some drying time. Latex paint is the more common choice. This type of paint is durable and is easy to clean. This doesn’t fade as easily compared to oil and doesn’t blister as much. Latex is more preferable for more areas since oil paints release more VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that can harm the environment compared to latex so you might want to keep that tip handy.

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2. What kind of finish should I go for?

This depends on how much traffic the room is going to get. For rooms and areas with high traffic, go for a glossy finish. This is especially important when you have kids, or dogs or both. Glossy walls are easier to clean compared to flat finishes and will go well in the kitchen and bathroom. The bumps and irregularities on your wall will be seen though, so if your wall has a lot of flaws in them, then you might want to go for an alternative. Semi-gloss finishes offer the clean-ability of glossy finishes without showing so much of the walls irregularities.

A very common choice for high traffic areas is also eggshell and satin finishes. They can hide irregularities like matte and flat finishes and are also cleanable. Flat and matte paint finishes are great for walls that have a lot of irregularities. One coat of paint already does well with this type of paint finish. Use this for rooms that don’t get so much traffic since it’s not really top notch when it comes to cleaning.

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3. How do I pick the perfect color?

Let me break it to you, the perfect color probably doesn’t exist. You will want for another color in 3 to 4 years’ time. There are other things that you can consider to get the BEST color for your room. First, look for some inspiration or a theme. This way it will make it easier for you to stay consistent. Secondly, know what mood you are trying to go for, depending on what room you are painting. If you want a more relaxed and calm feel, go for soft, neutral colors. Choose the lighter shades of warm or cool colors for a calm ambience in your bedroom. Don’t forget to use different textures and more than one shade.

For a more sociable and engaging feel, choose warmer or contrasting colors like deeper blue greens and neutrals. Color choice is important in setting a mood so don’t choose colors that are too bright, especially for your children’s room. Colors that are too bright and intense will get them to be irritable and is a stretch too far if you just want them to feel active.

Strongly consider the lighting you have in your room. Natural light shows the true color of your walls, while incandescent lights bring out the warm tones and yellows. Fluorescent lights casts a strong blue tone. A strong color might be too glaring when used next to a large window, but may be perfect when used on an accent wall with indirect lighting.

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