4 ways to live in style with Scandustrial

4 ways to live in style with Scandustrial

Do you want to get away from all the city noise without sacrificing accessibility or functionality in the comfort of your home?    Have you ever tried going inside your apartment after a long day and feel like you are still in all the hubbub of the city? Good news, there is a middle ground to the noise and the silence and you’re in for a surprise.

The solution is fusing Scandinavian interior design plus the industrial style of living– Scandustrial. It is still on the top list of Singapore’s notable interiors this year. The trend has been around since late last year and it is hard to miss. The neutral Scandinavian elements set off a good balance with the metallic geometric properties of the industrialist aura of the room. This creates a harmony that gives the feeling of the upbeat city and the comfort of a cozy home. What’s great is that this design is brought up to date with its splashed of bright colors and geometric adornments.

Here are some tips to spice up your space with some Scandustrial.

1. Muted Walls

Probably the most noticeable trait of Scandustrial is the muted neutrals that make up the colors of the walls. This will give you a look of a more secluded and cool space compared to its Scandinavian cousin that gives the impression of infinite space with its abundance of immaculate white walls. The key is to have equal walls of muted dark and light neutrals.

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2. Cozy lighting

Choose Hanging light pieces that have a geometric edge to them to keep the industrial feel of the room. The ample natural lighting from the windows will give the room a good warm and homely feel. You might want to choose the ones with a simple but elegant design and do away with those that have too much frou-frou.

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3. A Mix of Wood

Another distinct characteristic of Scandinavian interior is the presence of wooden elements in the room whether it’s the walls, the floor or the furniture. Scandi industrial (Scandi- short for Scandinavian) can moderate and tone the wooden cabin effect into a smoother style by mixing wood and other materials like plastic, metal, marble and what not. The most common way of doing this is with furniture that has wooden stands like chairs and tables.

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4. A Splash of Color

Adding furniture and other decorative with colors that pop out accentuates the modern element of Scandustrial. These are not only limited to plain colors on your picture frames and chairs. There are rooms with tiling that have geometric patterns with a good color combination. Try experimenting with a simple piece of artwork and some decors that are a good mix of symmetry and pastels or bright colors.

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