Apartment 101: Top 7 genius ways to make your flat look bigger

Apartment 101: Top 7 genius ways to make your flat look bigger

Before we go straight to the blog topic…

You might be wondering what the whole “Apartment 101” title is about. Every week there will be a post about apartment interior design and home renovations topics. I decided that it could be handy since a lot of people, like me for example, probably have a good amount of apartment problems.

This is the first, and I think, the one essential apartment blog topic that needs to be posted.

Ask any typical apartment owner what one of their interior design problems is and surely Space maximization is in there somewhere. Making a small room look big and feel big is every apartment owners #apartmentgoals. So here are 7 tips you can consider to get just that.

1. Continuous themes

Small room tips

If your apartment has small adjacent rooms then it would be best to visually connect both rooms. You can do this by having flooring made of the same pattern, the same palette for your wall paint and overall style. This will give the room a look of unity that will make it look like one big room instead of separated sections of small rooms.

2. Let the light in

Natural light

Rooms that are filled with natural light appear bigger. Keep the sunlight in with sheer curtains rather than having thick drapes to block the light out.  If your room does not give you the chance to use natural lighting, opt for LED lights and Fluorescent lights as alternatives. You can also put in more table and floor lights for more illumination.

3. Double Duty Furniture

Double duty furniture

Maximizing space and functionality is still the highest priority for small spaces. What better way to solve this than with multi-purpose furniture. There are plenty of pull out beds or beds with underneath storage that will take your storage game to the next level. You can purchase them or make them yourself.

4. Mirrors Everywhere

mirrors in a small room

Mirrors are your best friends when you are dealing with a small room. They give an illusion of a larger space by reflecting the other side of the room. It also reflects light magnificently and will maximize the natural coming in from the window. The best place to hang your mirrors would be across a window or across a door which would give the room more depth.

5. Smart Storage

wall mounted shelf

Conserve floor space. Have shelves that are wall mounted instead of the ones that have stands. If you have stairs in your small home, you can make the under stairs into a closet or a shoe rack, anything that floats your boat really. Maximizing storage space does not only mean having enough places to put your stuff in, it means having space for only the important things. So do away with the hoarding habits and get rid of old things that you don’t use.


6. Good, old, Cleaning

clean house

The simplest and the cheapest way to make your room bigger is removing all the clutter. It’s always been the first thing on the list, but this time, you do not have to sacrifice style. Removing clutter means placing everything neatly where they belong, in a way that it can blend with the overall vibe of the room.


7. Go BIG or Go home

Big wall art

Hanging big pieces of art or having a large , yet proportionate,  focal point in the room makes it feel like it is bigger. Put in just a few large accessories or pieces instead of entire large sets. Think about the scale and proportion of your furniture to your room; if it makes the furniture look big in the room and if it makes everything else small. You want to achieve a good balance with every element in the space.

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