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The Amara, for the upscale and refined with amenities perfect for business and leisure, exude elegance and professionality.This partition project by Uniconnect Interiors showed the versatility and sophistication of the establishment. With the perfect fit of the high wooden panel partitions in the lobby, and the exterior glass partition, Amara successfully emphasizes the perfect balance of function and design.  The satin gloss on the wooden panel encourages a straighforward yet comfortable vibe, a perfect concept for Amara’s hotel lobby. The same ingenuity is applied in the glass partition behind the reception area with a frosted finish on the lower half for a simple yet innovative take on design and privacy as a function. The Amara project not only shows that Uniconnect Interiors delivers and performs according to the clients wants and needs but also shows a great appreciation and application of great design and function.

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