6 important interior design tips from retail stores around the world

6 important interior design tips from retail stores around the world

There is more to retail success than just the product and marketing, In a brick and mortar setting, customer experience is very important and can be vital from purchasing decisions, return purchases to having a relationship with the brand itself. To say that making customers have a good shopping experience is one top priority for retail shop owners, is an understatement.  Here are 6 things to learn from the most stylish and creative retail interior designs around the world.

1. Beauty Library by Nendo - Aoyama, Japan

Beauty Library by Nendo

image courtesy of retaildesignblog.net

Beauty Library by Nendo is the perfect example of a great first impression. The shop reflects what its name says with their beauty products displayed in library-like shelves. Adding to the whole theme of the brand, they have centered their design on cleanliness and added some plants to exude an organic feel. A very important lesson Nendo has given with this retail store design is highlighting the so-called “decompression zone”. This is where the customer transitions from the outside world to the world that is in the shop. This is the very first space that your customers will interact with. In this area is where they will make initial judgments about the store and the brand depending on how well designed the whole interior is.

2. Ofr. La Boutique - Paris, France

0fr la Boutique Paris France

image courtesy of retaildesignblog.net

This shop in Paris, France called 0fr. La Boutique does a good job at keeping their power wall minimalistic without compromising style. It is a design shop, after all. Research says that 90 percent of shoppers turn to the right unconsciously after entering the store. This is, by the way, relative to which side of the road this person drives on, like how people from London would be inclined to turn to the left instead. Power walls act as a means to give a high impact on first impressions. This is also the first wall customers see and is referred to as the “Power wall”. A great power wall excites customers and arises their attention with the products on display. So it is best to display high demand and high-profit products on that part on the store.

3. SELECTED - Berlin, Germany

Selected Berlin Germany

image courtesy of retaildesignblog.net

SELECTED – Berlin is a fashion brand aimed at young professionals that show a casual side to business wear. This branch in Berlin has opted for a touch of Scandinavian in their main theme and added a generous amount of seating for customers. Selected have waiting areas for their customers with comfortable seats which encourage customers to spend more time in their store. They made sure seats face the merchandise so that purchasing is still at the top of your customer’s minds while lounging in the store.

4. Apple Store - Istanbul, Turkey

Apple Store Istanbul Turkey

image courtesy of retaildesignblog.net

This Apple branch in Istanbul, Turkey , design spearheaded by Foster + Partners is the epitome of tech retail store design.  Considering that is an Apple shop, Luxury is a given.  This apple store gives a lot of walking and lounging space for customers to browse and review their products before buying. Consumer behavior says that a typical customer will avoid checking out merchandise in an aisle where they can possibly brush backsides with another customer. This is why it important to have a good amount of space for customers to walk and stand around.

5. Yan Ji You Bookstore - Chendu, China

Yan Ji You Bookstore Chendu China

image courtesy of  retaildesignblog.net

This bookstore called Yan Ji You in Chendu, China uses elements of books and stories in their design. The store being divided to many areas such as the Books area, Paper area – connecting the bookstore, cafes, Art Zhun museum, lecture area, activity area and shop in shop, The Poem Lane – the path of installation art that lead to the art gallery and many more. The whole building has employed a great use of paths to tell a story. Customers can gain maximum exposure to the products in the store when it has a path to follow. Keep in mind that the store’s path is supposed to lead your customers somewhere.

6. Karibik - Columbia

Karibik Medellin Columbia

image courtesy of retaildesignblog.net

After the whole retail store experience, it is time to for the customers to check out what they plan on purchasing. This Karibik store in Columbia shows a good path around the shop and a great statement wall (to the right). They also put an emphasis on making the checkout counter approachable. They made sure that the POS (point of  sale) and the counter is a natural stepping point for customers to arrive in. An ideal location to put the counter is on the left-hand side. This is largely dependent on the stores size and layout and this lets you choose your best judgement for this matter. It is best to encourage “impulse” buy stocking items near the counter that customers commonly need.

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