Apartment 101: 7 low maintenance indoor gardening ideas you will love

Apartment 101: 7 low maintenance indoor gardening ideas you will love

So you’re living in an apartment in the city, who says you can’t have a garden, right? Not only will they make your apartment look alive, they also improve the air quality at home. If you need to liven up your space and a new hobby, then these simple indoor gardening ideas are the perfect places to start. They are easy, low maintenance, small space friendly and relaxing. Check the linked text for DIY instructions and tips.

1. Terrariums


A terrarium is a plant that is kept alive inside a glass container. You have to be picky with what kind of plants you want to put inside the terrarium and there are many things to consider, so check out this very informative reference for a run down. But for the most part, terrariums are generally low maintenance and tidy.

2. Hanging plants

hanging terrariums
hanging plants indoors

Air plants (also known as Tillandsias) are great for air purification. Be careful with watering them too much to avoid molds . Caring for them may be a bit tedious if you don’t have a green thumb but since they help purify the air, it’s just worth it. Here is a detailed link on how to make these yourself.

3. Vertical Wall Plants

vertical wall plants
vertical wall plants

The awesome thing about the indoor vertical garden idea is that it helps you save floor space and head space, apart from making your flat look pretty. Use a mason jar, a bucket, or small containers and stick them to a wall. The maintenance would still be like any other indoor plant.

4. Succulents


I love succulents and cacti. Call it a bias if you want, but not being green thumbed means that plants with very low maintenance automatically go to my top list of plants to have in the house.  Echeveria is a good succulent to start with if you’re not really well versed with planting and gardening.

5. Indoor Vegetable Garden

indoor herb garden
indoor herb garden

Isn’t it great to grow your own food? Tomatoes, mushrooms and even carrots can be grown indoors. Herbs are also easy to grow indoors. Putting them in the kitchen makes it accessible and convenient for you to add them to whatever you are cooking.  Some herbs you can grow indoors are parsley, sage and basil

6. Potted Plants on Shelves

bookshelf plant
Bookshelf plants

“Shelves aren’t only good for books and dust, plants also look great on them. It will give you plus points on the scale and proportion department in good interior design. Paint the pot interesting patterns or with bold colors that will match with the rest of the flat’s interior.

7. Eggshell Plants

eggshell plants
eggshell plants

You start with the seedlings first when it comes to planting on eggshells. This is especially great if you are planning to really grow those herbs or small flowers. The egg carton will fit perfectly on your window sill. You wouldn’t have to worry about space when your whole garden is sprouting from eggshells.

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