7 Interior design tips for you small kitchen woes.

7 Interior design tips for you small kitchen woes.

The kitchen is one area that needs a lot of space, but sometimes, it’s difficult to have that. Well, it doesn’t always translate to suffering.  There are ways to make any small kitchen space perfectly functional, convenient without having to sacrifice style.

Kitchen Storage

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kitchen storage

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1. Don’t overestimate kitchen storage


Make use of every nook and cranny in the kitchen, install a pegboard if there is a bare wall or a surface where you can hang some more pots and pans. One can never have enough storage when it comes to kitchen ware and other cooking ingredients and materials. Do not hesitate to build cabinets way up to the ceiling, instead of having the cabinet tops gathering dust. If there is extra head space, use that to install some shelves.

kitchen task lighting

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2. Proper kitchen lighting


No one wants to have shadows blocking their sight. For kitchens, task lighting is the way to go. Lights under a cabinet are perfect and will always be useful. Also invest in having natural light come in and illuminate your kitchen. This will save you energy in the daytime and will make your kitchen space more appealing and will make it look spacious effortlessly.

kitchen appliances

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3. Power lines and sources


Measure and plan where the electrical outlets, water pipes and gas pipes are going to be set up in a manner that will make it movable depending on where the kitchen appliances are going to be. Measuring appliances open different options for location so you can pick the most convenient one. Doing this will make it easier to give room for any additional appliances in the future.

kitchen table

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kitchen countertop

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4. Space and surface


Use easy to clean surfaces like tile and steel. Also use high gloss paint in areas that easily get greasy and wet. Remember that tile grout can be difficult to maintain and stainless steel tend to be scratched easily .One can never have enough counter space, so invest on that. Spare some space for a table and a chair small enough to fit in the kitchen. It will come in handy.

kitchen safety

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5. Safety


The kitchen can be the most hazardous place inside the house. Design the kitchen layout for optimal movement around the area while cooking since the space is small. If it helps, conceal some appliances to give the space a cleaner look and to keep all the accident prone functions far from the reach of children and pets.

kitchen ventilation

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kitchen ventilation

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6. Keep the air fresh


A small kitchen can be easily stuffy so good ventilation is a must when cooking. Either have a screen window that can be opened or a range hood to keep the smoke and other smells, scents and odors out while cooking.


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kitchen flooring

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7. Get on the floor


Consider slip resistant, porous and easy to maintain flooring options. The kitchen can get busy and wet so cleaning and maintenance can be tricky with floors that keep stains. Wood may look nice but can easily deteriorate in areas that are easily exposed to water like under the fridge and under the dishwasher.

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