Top 4 Desirable Interior Design Style

Top 4 Desirable Interior Design Style

It’s normal to fall in love in different interior design trends, but you may want to pick just one and work on it. The easiest possible solution in choosing your interior design is to narrow down your choices and do research, get inspired and apply it to your home. Any interior designs can offer and let you put a personal touch to reflect the kind of person you are. Below are some of the most popular type of designs that you can see in any contemporary or modern homes.

Mid-Century Interior Design

The mid-century interior design was introduced in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and up until now, is applied to modern houses. It is known for its refined lines, natural shape, and minimalist silhouettes. Its designs remain a staple in interior architecture and are still applied to modern houses at this time. The goal of mid-century design is to bring modernism, create structures with windows and open floor plans, and bring outdoor mood inside.

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When it comes to color, Mid-century colors had darker neutral tones and saturated accent colors combined with bold geometrics, vigorous and sensuous curves that bring a strong punch of graphics in a room. On the other hand, for furniture, it is identified by its wooden structure with abstract patterns, fiberglass or metal, and lucite. Lamps are also very common for any mid-century homes. It’s either floor or table lamps gives a very straight, curved or geometric contour in every room. Most lamps have finished metal or wood legs.

Industrial Interior Design

In terms of general feel, the industrial interior design is mostly rustic and mature. Mechanical components play a significant role in making this design at home. It means exposed steel and brick walls with wooden elements and ability to display an aesthetic balance of contemporary organic and engineered decors. The industrial interior design is well-known for old buildings turned into personal lofts. Some interior designers incorporate this style into their modern designs like putting stainless steel surfaces, metal light fixtures, and vintage furniture.

What you need to achieve this style is to create an illusion of uneven surfaces and material that suggest an industrial past. The best way to display roughness is to leave some surfaces unfinished and put furniture that is made from steel, metal or wood. Items like these are preferably word down and salvaged or recycled. For colors, it’s best to corporate the interior with warm and neutral tones to fill the space in a room. Any shade of gray will work well with white to add a crisp and clean look. Rustic color schemes offer a lot of brown and beige so if you have an open space with brick walls, cement or any wood flooring, either painted or not, you are halfway there.

Scandinavian Modern Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design is known for its minimalist look, tidiness, and simplicity. Combined with comfort, functionality and minimal number of accessories with the clarity of shapes and lines, this interior design promotes indoor coziness and warmth. Scandinavian interior design started in the 1930s that emphasized craftsmanship and the idea of putting beauty in the simplest accessories of life. Based on its design principles, one should be in harmony with his/her environment and build a strong relationship between elements and nature.

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An essential part of Scandinavian style is whiteness. Walls, ceilings, and floor textile are predominantly white which is perfect for people who want tall ceilings and large windows. Encouraging the natural light to stay and be part of the room would add more natural feels in your home. Glossy and polished surfaces help reflect the lights effectively. Whereas for furniture, it would be best to feature stylish and timeless wooden materials – painted or natural, to bring out the best of a clinical minimalist design.

Shabby Chic Interior Design

The shabby chic interior design is identified by its vintage or antique look though it was introduced approximately 20 years ago, however, remains popular in this era. Usually, it features furniture and furnishings that are either old but classy and resemble elegance and romance. Classified as a design which reflects femininity and a real woman oasis with a soft and opulent touch on its interior.

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One element that defines this interior design is its color. Pastel palettes with sweet patterns and white are a must, especially on walls. Comfortable fabrics like cotton and old French linens are highly associated with furniture too that gives natural comfort within the room. Popular accessories are pillows, chenille bedspreads, and vintage chandeliers which will add a classical look in each room. To further enhance the look of your house, you can add an open cottage-style entry with built-in bench, coat hooks, and cubbies.