The Prime Difference between Residential and Commercial Renovations

The Prime Difference between Residential and Commercial Renovations

Renovations can be more challenging and time-consuming than new construction because you don’t know what exist until you begin to take the house piece by piece. Once apart, you can see a lot of challenging and unforeseen circumstances. Usually, projects may take longer than you think and cost more than what you have expected. Remember, you get what you pay for. There will be a lot of decision makings and factors that need to be considered before renovating your property like the designs, sub contractions, permits, unforeseen conditions, weather, availability of the materials and their quality.

The renovation process between a residential and commercial construction is dramatically different from each other. The workload involved varies on the type of area you want to have the renovation done and how complex it would be. So here are some major differences between the two:


Commercial Renovation deals with more sophisticated makeover which may require demolition and rebuilding procedures, a significant number of staffs for any reconstruction works and a higher budget to meet client’s expectations. From metal framing, the density of the concrete to exact cable wiring, these factors needed to be finalized by your contractor.  While doing the renovation, expensive and heavy equipment are going to be used, a major factor why costs will become higher.


Most of the time, residential renovation means doing a home makeover or remodeling – might be extreme or just changing a small part of your house and add more style to it. Renovating one or two units may be considered as a residential renovation which doesn’t require bigger equipment. Your budget for the project will also depend on results you are expecting. For instance, you want to replace the furniture and upgrade your appliances, or you wish to add a fireplace in your living room and change your flooring details.