Top 5 Best Hardwoods and Floor Colors

Top 5 Best Hardwoods and Floor Colors

Choosing how you want your home to look like takes a lot of researching. Flooring is one of them and once you discover a vast of hardwood to choose from, researching might be a daunting task to do. There will always be a particular wood type and color out there to complement home decor trends. The typical conception of hardwood floors normally refers to moderate and pleasant tones of floor boards, ideally creating a sense of enthusiasm and relaxation. So an effective way to go about deciding which one you want is to visualize first the general look that you want to attain and pair the best wood that will counterpart it. Below are some of the best and common types of wood used for hardwood flooring and prevailing colors that will match your desired interior design at home.


  1. Oak Wood

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Oak wood, especially Red Oak Wood, is known to be an excellent and reliable tree. Due to its hardness, oak wood resists dents and has solid grain patterns. Consistent quality of the grain pattern is one of the characteristics that drives the price of an oak floor. The more consistent the grain, the more expensive the floor will be.

  1. Padauk Wood

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Padauk or Padouk Wood is a valuable timber of Pterocarpus tree. With its dramatic shady streaking, it adds a beautiful flair to any space at home. Padauk hardwood makes a constant and secure floor because of its durability and termite-resistant features.

  1. Teak Wood

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Teak wood is relatively cheap compared to some other hardwood floors. The oil content is retained putting an extra strength to it. Its natural oil prevents the wood itself from rusting when a certain metal or iron adheres.

  1. Walnut Wood

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Walnut wood is pliable that is easy for sanding and cutting. It takes stain and has a smooth finishing. This wood has fine and straight graining. Homeowners usually like the natural look on it and the kind of warmth it brings into the room.

  1. Maple Wood

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Maple is nearly impermeable, can’t absorb dark stains quickly and seems to grow more yellow with age. Ideally used as a hardwood floor by people who is looking for a hard and light-colored flooring.


  1. Brown

Brown is the most prominent wood floor color that just tends to blend itself with almost about any look at home. If you wish to have one type of flooring around your home with different themed rooms, this medium wood flooring color would be a perfect choice.

  1. Beige

Natural hardwood flooring, known as light or beige, is the first neutral color for floors and just like brown-colored flooring, it goes with just any themed around your house. It shows simplicity and modern minimalism. If you appreciate a space that gives peace of mind, this color would be the best choice for your home.

  1. Yellow

This color might be considered as one of the classic hardwood flooring options that may have to dominate your decision if you are a traditionalist and looking for a rustic decor style. Yellow colored flooring goes along perfectly with a bright natural color slate tiling as seen in the most traditional family home.

  1. Black

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Black is making its way up to the chart as one of the trending colors when it comes to hardwood flooring most likely because it displays a sense of elegance and modernity. If you find pleasure in making a bold statement and creating a dramatic contrast at home, this color might best fit your taste.

  1. White

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White is an ideal base for making a personalized interior color. Using shiny painted white colored floors complement a minimalist interior. Putting pieces of furniture with an eye-catching artwork creates a shabby-chic and coastal look. On the other hand, if you pair it with a blue or green accented furnishing, it makes a very calm and environmental mood for your home. If you are a person who appreciates a modest type of living with an airy and bright ultra-modern design, this color is best for you and your home.