Bringing in Luck and Prosperity – Home Tips for the Chinese New Year

Bringing in Luck and Prosperity – Home Tips for the Chinese New Year

Preparing your home for the upcoming Chinese New Year might be a daunting task to do, either following the traditional or new customs. Nevertheless, we can’t deny that it runs through the Chinese tradition to celebrate New Year by putting up aesthetic red decorations to bring prosperity and good luck. 2017 is the year of the Roaster based on the Chinese 12-year animal zodiac cycle, and it will be celebrated on the 28th of January. Just in time, we lay down all the necessary things you need to do before Chinese New Year.


Spring-cleaning before the New Year is a must. Sweeping the dust means that you are saying goodbye to any bad luck or misfortune and you are making new spaces to welcome any good fortune coming in for the whole family. During the Chinese New Year, it is not allowed to clean or wipe off any dirt in your house in fear of any possibilities that you might be sweeping away any good luck. Also, any cleaning equipment should be set aside until the fifth day of celebration.


Door god images are usually posted on the front door to protect and prevent any bad spirits from entering the house. Decades ago, door gods were made of wood carved into a man figure hanged by the door, but as the years went by, people changed it into printed images. Any door gods would display strength, righteousness, bravery and powerful weaponry.


Door couplets express statements or good wishes for the whole year. You can write it personally, or you can just buy a Chinese calligraphy printed on red paper. Generally, these couplets are glued to the front door frame and sometimes, might remain until the next Chinese New Year.


Paper cutouts are red paper with attractive and exaggerated patterns based on the specific themed of the year and often used to put art on walls, doors, and windows – facing north or south. Papercuts symbolizes luck and happiness. For 2017, since it is the year of the rooster, any decorations associated to rooster is most likely to be seen.


Another way to greet the new year is to put paintings on the wall for additional art, constructing a happy and wealthy Spring Festival atmosphere. Traditionally, New Year paintings have images of oriental and mythological figures showing desires for a plentiful harvest and a blissful life ahead.


It is believed that Chinese lanterns will light the way for the new year and has red and gold on it which is considered as lucky colors indicating happiness and prosperity. People put it up in preparation for the Lantern Festival too which will happen on the 11th of February this year.