5 ways to #Techorate at home

5 ways to #Techorate at home

Techoration is basically decorating around and with technology. It exists because a flat screen TV can break the whole aesthetic in a scandinavian interior if it was just placed there without prior planning. The term was popularized by LG with #Techoration and it was history from there. There are even innovations that center art decorating with digital display. Here are some tips and tricks on how to effectively #techorate.

1. Hide the Wires

hide wires #techoration

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It is best to go for the wireless options for your gadgets. But if it can’t be helped, then there is always a way to hide the wires. Good cord management is very important to keep away the visual clutter. Every piece of tech in your room have a number of cords that can tangle to a point of no return if unsupervised. Use cable ties to keep the wires together and attach them to the back of a surface so they can be hidden. Click here for more creative ways to hide wires.

2. Decorate around the Screen

decorate around the screen techoration

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Layering objects in front of your screen is okay as long as it does not obstruct your view or block any sensors. Surround the space with artwork and accessories to draw your eyes around the whole layout. This will make the screen part of area and not the main focus of it.

3. Use Color To Camouflage


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Another way to “hide” your tech is to use bold colors around the room. The screen is not the main focal point so it’s best to make it blend in the environment. Layer picture frames around your screen. This can also help with sound since these materials will make the sound bounce around the room.

4. The smartphone and the remote control

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Smart devices have features that will make you control your appliances and tech via WiFi with your phone. The best part is that you can program your home to be more energy efficient. This saves you time and energy from going around the room looking for the remote control or turning things on and off from where they are. This saves you from having so many remote controls laying around the house.

5. Sound and Visual Enhancement


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To #techorate also means that you do not have to compromise with your technology’s functionality and convenience. In fact, there are ways to enhance viewing and sound through techoration. Treat the TV wall as an accent wall and paint it a darker color to make the picture pop out. Add an area rug and drapes for the sound to be enhanced and dampen the sound. Bare walls and floors will make the sound reverberate.

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