Tips for a Timeless Furniture Makeover

Tips for a Timeless Furniture Makeover

Have you ever thought of turning your old furniture from trash to cash? Rather than throwing your old furniture, learn how to give your old drawer a modern makeover and make it as one of your precious gem for interior design at home. Doing a makeover is not as easy as buying a new one, but at least you don’t have to spend some penny, and it’s going to be more fun!  Here are some helpful tips for an easy breezy makeover.


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Always prepare the piece that you are going to work on. Whether it be sanding or even as simple as making sure that those drawers and hardware are still working properly. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do the makeover, a kitchen cabinet, chair, bookshelves, or dresser – you’ll want to start by wiping the dust and dirt off from the piece by using a light soapy water and smooth cloth. Once it is dry, try to assess the piece and look for some part that needs more attention. Maybe an uneven surface that needs more stroke of paint or a replacement perhaps. Make sure that you are ready when it comes to those tools that you are going to use for the makeover. One tool can make or break your makeover and affects the wear and tear of the whole piece.


Have a good look of the room where you want your new furniture to be featured. Consider mixing colors and what kind of mood do you want to achieve once the makeover is done. Sometimes, you have to blend the color of your wall to your furniture. Are there specific color palette that appears over and over? Do you have one color that you like the most? These questions might help you decide which colors you want to apply to your project.  Don’t forget that just because you like a color doesn’t mean it is necessarily ideal for your piece.

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Also, consider the location where you want to put your new piece after. The natural light that will be reflected inside the room might also affect the colors that you want to use. Another way to choose which colors you want to use to your furniture is to take the hue from an object that you already own. Ideally, if you love an item, then you will surely want to have the same color reflected elsewhere in the room.


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The most basic advice is to use a decent and a good quality brush. It does make a difference in the neatness of the finished paint. You don’t want to clean up those brush hairs after each stroke that you will be doing on your furniture. Match your brushes to the sizes of the furniture that you want to do the makeover. If it’s going to be your first time to paint furniture, start with a free and cheap piece that you can feel free to experiment on. It’s a learning process really.

If you are going to paint drawers, remove the drawer’s pulls before painting and apply some tapes over the hole on the inside of the drawer so paint doesn’t leak into the drawer. Number the drawers when you remove them from the dresser. In that way, you won’t be confused on which on comes next when you are done.


For painting the furniture, let the furniture speaks to you! It’s easy to splash some colors on your piece but to really make a piece pop and stand out, sometimes the piece has to lead you in the direction. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Use small wood blocks to lift your piece off the ground for the easier painting of legs. Don’t paint on the interior top or sides of the drawers. Just a thin layer of stroke will work so the drawers will still fit back to where it should be put back. Put less brush stroke when the paint is dry.


Take a few minutes to lightly sand the piece. We all want to get right to the fun stuff of painting your piece, but the paint will stick fast on the furniture if the surface is roughed up a little bit. After painting your piece, don’t rush to put back all the missing piece on it right away. Wait for the paint to dry in all surfaces. That way, you won’t make some damages on your newly makeover furniture. Don’t forget to remove unnecessary tapes or cover ups that you attached on the furniture. If it’s not needed, you have to cast if off.

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