Apartment 101: 7 Tips for a stress-free Zen flat

Apartment 101: 7 Tips for a stress-free Zen flat

Home is where stress should not be. While everything else in the outside world may trigger unwanted emotions, your living space should be a sanctuary away from all of that noise. The secret to a stress-free space is simplicity and minimalism. Add a touch of nature and you’ve got a Zen flat perfect for rest and relaxation. Here are Zen interior design tips you’ve always needed for your #apartmentgoals.

1. De-clutter

Zen Minimalist apartment

image courtesy of www.2modern.com

Zen Minimalist apartment

image courtesy of www.trendir.com

De-clutter does not only mean to organize; It means to take away all the unnecessary stuff from your home. Properly store things that are still useful. Optimizing the essential is key to living a well organized and Zen life. Clear your closet and check if the items in there haven’t been used and if they need to be 1.) thrown out, 2.) Donated to charity or 3.) sold. It is surprising how little is actually needed to survive.

2. Add Natural Scents

Natural Scents

image courtesy of hellonatural.co\

Natural Scents

image courtesy of 2.bp.blogspot.com

Choose a smell that you like and will invigorate you. This will keep your home smelling good and make you stay calm.  Essential oils and scented candles are all effective ways to keep your room smelling fresh.

3. Put the plants inside

zen plants

image courtesy of www.etsy.com

Zen Plants

image courtesy of www.popsugar.com

Plants have a calming effect. Bonsai trees and terrariums make great decor and do not require too much maintenance. Try to avoid flowers that are hard to take care of and that may emit unpleasant smells. Here are some great suggestions for indoor gardening perfect for your apartment.

4. Incorporate Zen Elements

Zen Elements

image courtesy of blog.freepeople.com

Zen Elements

image courtesy of  bilde.kk.no

Zen Elements

image courtesy of  bilde.kk.no

Zen elements include; Water, Fire, Earth, Wood and Metal. These elements can be found in your wooden and metal made furniture or even in your decorations like your plants and candles. There are many options to choose from. Just don’t go overboard with decorating and keep it simple.

5. Use Earthy and Cool Colors

Earthy colors Zen apartment

image courtesy of  www.contemporist.com

earthy colors zen apartment

image courtesy of thepolysh.com

It’s all about natural colors and soft tones like white, grey, beige and other pale neutrals. These colors have a sense of calm and relaxation to them in addition to the zen elements that embody your interior. There has to be a color harmony between the floors and the walls to the furniture. Don’t forget to add a bit of texture to your surfaces for more depth in the living space.

6. Symmetry is your friend

Symmetry makes the room more balanced and cohesive. This balance is achieved when items are mirrored along a central axis. This type of balance is usually seen in nature and promotes a feeling of calmness and stability. Achieving the perfect symmetrical composition will steer the room away from being dull and unimaginative.

7. Natural and Soft Lighting

Go for lamp shades and task lighting instead of the overhead fluorescent lights that can be harsh. It is best to have different sources of light that will let you control how much light is in the room. Also, have windows to let natural light in. One of the rules of living in Zen is to “leave your bed behind you instantly as if you had cast away a pair of old shoes” and natural lighting will help you avoid being lethargic and lazy.

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